What Is Sealcoating?

What Is Sealcoating?

At John Parichuk Paving, we often hear “What is sealcoating?”

To understand what sealcoating is and why it is important, you first have to understand asphalt pavement. Asphalt pavement is commonly used to make driveways and parking lots. It consists of rock, stone, and gravel mixed together with a binder known as asphalt cement. Asphalt cement is consists of crude oils and is created during an intense distillation process. This binder is the key to prolonging the life of your asphalt driveway or business parking lot.

Mother Nature plays a significant role in the deterioration of driveways and parking lots. Rain, storms, and sun rays are just a few of the forces that can damage the appearance. In addition them, harsh chemicals can do significant damage causing the asphalt to deteriorate. When ignored, it not only impacts the appearance by causing the surface to become brittle and crack. Those cracks open the window for more damage from water leaking under the surface, swelling, and causing potholes.

The good news is you can do something about it today before your driveway or parking lots start to crack and lose their appeal. Establishing a maintenance program that includes sealcoating is a great way to extend the life of your asphalt.

What is Sealcoating?

Sealcoating applies a protective layer to your driveway and shields the driveway surface against oils, water, moisture and sun rays mentioned above. Seal coating offers a slip resistant top with a shiny black finish that smooths out your parking lot or driveway and makes it more appealing to the eye.

Sealcoats are basically bituminous based products or acrylics. This liquid formulation when combined with polymer additives, water, silica and other solids and fillers provides the necessary cover for an asphalt surface. Sealcoating is an important step in maintaining the life of your asphalt driveway. Skipping this step leads to an increase in driveway cracks and more expensive driveway repairs. As a Pennsylvania homeowner, it is extremely important to protect your driveway from drastic temperature changes by sealcoating it on a regular basis.

Hire a Sealcoating Expert

There are plenty of Hanover Pa, York PA, and Gettysburg Pa residents that try to tackle sealcoating on their own. It usually turns into a bigger project than they imagined. Contact a sealcoating expert in York and Adams County to take the care of the heavy workload so you can enjoy your spring or summer. John Parichuk Paving has been serving York, Gettysburg, Littlestown, Spring Grove, and Hanover, PA communities since 1968. Give us a call today at 717-577-7329.

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