Tips to Maintain a Driveway In Winter

Tips to Maintain a Driveway In Winter

Living in our area where winter can bring snow, ice, and other winter hazards, you know how difficult it can be to maintain your driveway. Driveway maintenance is not something that should be skipped during the cold winter months. During winter, as with other seasons, protecting the investment you made in your driveway is a must. Not only that, but a properly maintained driveway adds years to its lifespan. Here are a few tips to maintaining a driveway in winter.

Watch the chemicals

Though they are readily available, you want to avoid certain de-icing products. Always check the label to make sure they are safe for your driveway, whether it is asphalt or concrete. Rock salt, though used commonly, is also harsh on your driveway. So why are these so bad? The chemicals can penetrate your driveway, causing damage underneath. Not only that but some de-icers like rock salt can directly harm your driveaway as well as kill nearby vegetation. A better option is to opt for sand or kitty litter to improve traction and expedite melting.

Use the right shovel

Shovels are a dime a dozen but getting the right one is pure gold. Choose a shovel with a rubber blade. Metal-blade shovels may seem nice, but they also tend to scrape your driveway. They are particularly harmful if the metal edge becomes bent over time. 

Watch the plow

Whether you have your own plow or you have a friend or contractor that plows your driveway for you, make sure the blade is set to the proper height. If the plow blade is set incorrectly, you will end up with unsightly scrapes and perhaps worse. A blade set too low with a vehicle’s momentum behind it can dig into your driveway’s surface.

Pre-winter maintenance

We have covered a few things to do DURING the winter, but now is the perfect time to prepare FOR winter. Here is a quick rundown of some preventive measures to take now.

1. Clean gutters

Make sure your gutters are free from debris, such as leaves. This goes a long way in helping to make sure that melting snow and ice can freely flow through your gutters, down your downspouts, and away from your home. 

2. Create a space for snow

Many forget about this until it’s time to clear the driveway. Look around your driveway and make sure you have open spaces to put snow as it is removed throughout the winter.

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