Summer Driveway Maintenance Tips

Summer Driveway Maintenance Tips

As temperatures rise this summer, you will be spending more time outdoors. More day trips and vacations are planned, and this results in one thing you may not consider… increased vehicle usage means wear and tear on your driveway. The best thing you can do before summer gets into full swing is to show your asphalt driveway a little TLC. Here are some summer driveway tips to make sure your driveway lasts for years to come. 

Fix Cracks and Holes

Winter can be hard on your driveway, so you may find cracks and holes that have developed over the winter months. These issues will only get worse over the summer months. Heat tends to make asphalt softer and can cause cracks and holes to become worse. Addressing cracks before they become bigger issues is essential. Reach out to a trusted local paving contractor who can make the necessary patches properly. 


The best thing you can do for an existing driveway is to sealcoat it. Sealcoating protects your asphalt driveway from heat oxidation, water damage, and other elements such as hail, branches, and tree limbs. The other benefit of a fresh sealcoat job is the unmistakable like-new appearance it gives your asphalt driveway. Though some do-it-yourselfers tackle this job themselves, it can be messy. Another drawback to DIY is the standard buckets of sealcoat you find in big box stores are far inferior to what a paving contractor can provide you with. If you are looking to sealcoat, your driveway this summer, give John Parichuk Paving a call. 

What to Avoid

As mentioned earlier, as temperatures increase, your asphalt driveway can get soft. Keep sharp objects like nails or screws off your driveway. They can actually be pushed down into your asphalt, that is, if they don’t puncture a tire first! Having a building project done at your home? Avoid placing heavy objects like skids of pavers or decorative stone on your driveway. You may find the skid leaves an impression in your driveway after it is emptied. Refrain from letting leaking oil or spilled gasoline get on your driveway as it can stain. 

Does your driveway need a little TLC and some freshening up after a hard winter? Are you interested in hiring a local contractor you can trust? For over 50 years, John Parichuk Paving, LLC, is known for our exceptional paving and sealcoating services in the Hanover, Gettysburg, and York, PA region. Call us today, and let’s get you into our schedule.

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