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For more than five decades, home and business owners have relied on the quality seal coating services of John Parichuk Paving LLC in. John Parichuk is well known for is York and Adams County sealcoating work, quality materials and a team of specialists.

Providing quality seal coating services to our customers is our top priority. We go all out to ensure that we give you no reason to complain. We offer services in both York and Adams County.  From sealcoating in Gettysburg PA to Sealcoating in York PA to Sealcoating in Hanover PA and all surrounding areas.

We have an experienced team of employees who take pride in their job and have a keen eye for detail. We offer top quality seal coating material and sealcoating equipment, right from driveway sealer to traffic paint.  This saves a lot of valuable time and money without compromising on the quality of the work.

Prolonged exposure to the elements like oil, dirt and grime cause excessive damage to your driveway.  Sealcoating your driveway helps reduce this risk and prolong the life of your paved surface.

If you see that your pavement or driveway is showing signs of damage, give us a call at 717 577 7329. You’ll speak to our customer friendly representatives about the problem. You can even fill out our contact form now.  We are happy to assist you with anything that you need to know about sealcoating in York and Adams County, PA.

Our team of experts visits the site and conducts a thorough inspection to determine the damage.

W also like to make our customers aware of the necessity of seal coating and that asphalt surfaces need maintenance from time to time. If you have a problem, we can assure you that help is just a phone call away.

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