Replace or Repair: Your Best Driveway Option

Replace or Repair: Your Best Driveway Option

Of all the options for driveways out there, asphalt is by far the easiest to repair. However, sometimes repairs do not make sense. Age of the driveway, the extent of the repairs needed, and your long-range plans for your driveway are things to consider when exploring replacement or repair. Here are a few things you need to know before you invest in your existing driveway. 

Repair options

By far, patching is your cheapest option. It’s a relatively simple process requiring little labor and saves you time and money. Small cracks, holes, and divots are ideal candidates for patchwork. As long as the damage is less than ¼ inch in width, your repair work will likely be as simple as some crack filler. Holes and larger cracks will require more extensive repair work, but can still be accomplished successfully.

Surface patching is a great way to repair and rejuvenate a driveway that has sustained moderate damage. Completing this repair requires a few inches of asphalt to be milled off the top of the affected areas. These spots are then cleaned out, and fresh asphalt is poured, compacted, and rolled or tamped. 

If the area is severely damaged, a patch job can still be done but would require much more extensive work. The area in question is dug out entirely. A brand-new section is then installed from the ground up and seamed in place with the existing driveway.

Patching is not always the answer

To put it simply, patching is not always the best option. Sometimes holes and cracks are so extensive and severe that your best option may be to start over with a fresh driveway. The damage to your driveway may be so severe that it extends down to the foundation or base of the driveway. In these instances, you are left with a driveway replacement. 

Age is important

 The older your driveway is, the more sense it makes to do a replacement. Driveways are exposed to harsh elements and frequent vehicle traffic. Over time, all these stresses put a toll on your driveway. Repair work on a driveway more than 20 years old merely puts a band-aid on a far greater problem. 

Replacing your driveway is like turning back time. Not only will you have a stable driveway for years to come, but you will also increase your home’s curb appeal. Driveway replacements can be a large upfront investment, but you will likely pay more trying to repair an older driveway in the long run. 

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