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John Parichuk Paving LLC uses only top-of-the-line trucks and equipment

Looking to have a new asphalt drive installed or your existing driveway needs sealcoating? John Parichuk Paving is here to ensure that your asphalt paving job or sealcoating job is done properly and on time.asphalt paving truck york and adams county pa

How do we make this happen and why are we so confident we can get the job done? It all starts with our investment in the equipment we use. Take a look at the John Parichuk Paving LLC fleet and you’ll quickly see why we are the best at what we do!

We invest in only the most up-to-date equipment which means success and reliability for you our customer. One of the worst experiences is to hire a contractor who shows up on the job site with old equipment that simply cannot produce the results needed to ensure your asphalt is laid to the proper thicknesses and pitched properly to ensure water runoff is directed correctly. 

Our quality equipment lays the perfect blanket of asphalt every time and our experienced crew assures the best possible driveway. Our heavy-duty machine ensures excellent stability—a finished driveway so solid that a heavy-duty truck will leave no impressions. (If the driveway is installed with a base course and wearing course totaling four inches of blacktop.)

Using up-to-date technologies, equipment, and tools ensure you that we can complete your job in a timely manner with positive results.  When it comes to your next asphalt driveway, you want to know you are dealing with an expert asphalt paving contractor. For over 50 years, John Parichuk Paving, LLC, has made it our priority to deliver exceptional paving and seal coating services in the Hanover, Gettysburg, and York, PA region. Call us today, and let’s talk about your next asphalt driveway.


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