How Much Does a Driveway Replacement Cost?

One of the most significant investments you can make in your home is your driveway. Perhaps for you, that means upgrading from an older gravel driveway. Or, maybe it means rehabilitating a worn-out asphalt driveway that has seen better days. Either way, the convenience of a new asphalt driveway and the curb appeal it provides is well worth the money spent. Perhaps you are wondering how much does a driveway replacement cost? Here are a few factors that will impact your bottom line. 


Driveways, whether new or replacements, are priced by the square foot. Blacktop can cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $4 to $7 per square foot. That price can fluctuate based upon time of year and availability of materials. 

Condition of the sub-base

When replacing an existing driveway, the sub-base under the asphalt may or may not be adequate. In fact, some problems you may be having with your driveway could be the result of an inadequate sub-base. Two paths can be taken when it comes to your sub-base. Which direction is chosen will affect your driveway replacement cost. 

Use existing sub-base

If you have a good sub-base already installed that has held up and not caused issues with your existing driveway, the old asphalt layer can be removed on its own. If needed, some new material can be added in spots, the sub-base can be regraded and compacted, and new asphalt can be laid on top. 

Replace with new sub-base up to 6”

If sub-base problems are found, the old asphalt is removed, followed by the sub-base. New sub-base materials are put in place at a thickness adequate for your soil, usually around 6” thick. This new sub-base is then graded and compacted and new asphalt is installed. This method is more costly as it requires more material to be used. 


In some cases, now may be the perfect time to work out any grading issues. If a driveway has not been properly graded the water runoff may go places you don’t want it to. These issues can be addressed when the new asphalt is laid. If the problem is a bigger issue some work may need to be done to the sub-base first. In either case, the issue can be resolved to your satisfaction. 

No matter your driveway replacement needs, you want to hire a local paving contractor you can trust. John Parichuk Paving, LLC has been the local source for paving for over 50 years. Give us and let’s talk about your paving project!

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