Driveway Paving Livingston Rd York PA 17404

Driveway Paving on Livingston Rd York PA 17404

We had a customer in the Fireside development off Rt 30 and Pennsylvania Ave whose driveway had out lived it’s usefulness.

preparing-for-new-paved asphalt driveway york pa

After we removed the old driveway and hauled away the old asphalt pavement.  We graded the stone base.

A Quality Paved Driveway Starts With A Good Base

We compacted the stone base.  Link everything in life, it all starts with a good base.

roller compact the stone base

As you can see we neat and tidy and kept most of our tools and equipment off of the customers yard.

stone driveway before pavement applied

prep for paving a new driveway in York PA

Now it is time to begin laying the asphalt.


We always make sure to lay a constant thickness of asphalt pavement across the paved surface.


Now it is time to compact the asphalt pavement.  The evenly spread the aslphalt material.

rolling-driveway-to make a smooth freshly paved asphalt surface

A few more rolls, and in 24 hours the customer can be using their new drive way.

completed-paving-job-york pa

And here you have the finished product for another valued customer who needed a paving contractor in York PA.

Please call us at 717-577-7329.  We also do driveway sealcoating in York PA when you just need to protect your investment.


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