Driveway Maintenance Tips for Spring

Spring Maintenance for Your Driveway

During the winter, driveways and asphalt can become damaged due to water freezing in cracks and expanding the asphalt, or from shovels and plows scraping along the surface. This makes spring a good time to check your driveway for damage and make any repairs. Take these steps to help improve the life of your driveway:

Clear off debris

During winter, the plows from the road often scrape rocks onto our driveways as they are clearing off the roads for our safety. Spring is a good time to sweep these up in order to better assess your spring driveway needs.


During winter, grime can build up on your driveway, especially from salt you may have used to help melt ice and snow or from leaves that may have fallen on your driveway and deteriorated over the season. It’s time to get that grime off your driveway and the best way is to powerwash it completely.

Check for cracks and fill

Even though water and ice may have gotten into those cracks over the winter, spring is a good time to check where the cracks are and get them filled before more rain enters and continues to do damage. Once you have located the cracks that need repaired, clear them out of any growth or debris. Fill with an asphalt patch product according to directions.

If there are any significant cracks that developed over the winter, you may want to call a professional paving company to fix the damage. Significant cracks that develop over a season may be an indication of poor drainage or another serious problem that may not be able to be fixed on your own.

Check for encroachment

Shoveling, plowing, or snow blowing over the winter may have damaged the edging to your driveway. As spring comes into full bloom, grass and sometimes weeds start growing and encroaching on your driveway. Pull out weeds and use an edging tool to keep back unwanted plant life.

Determine if full sealant is needed

It is recommended to reseal your driveway every 1-3 years to ensure a longer life for your driveway. When was the last time you had it sealed? This might be a good season to perform this necessary task.

Overall, keeping up on maintenance of your driveway helps to save money and time long term. So take a couple days this spring to focus on your driveway.

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