Driveway Maintenance Tips for Summer You Need

Driveway Maintenance Tips for Summer You Need

Summer: a time for fun, relaxation, vacations, and… asphalt driveway maintenance.  Just like our skin needs the proper sunscreen to prevent sun damage, our driveways need the proper maintenance to prevent asphalt damage.  The summer sun’s heat will cause damage to asphalt driveways that can become huge problems if left untreated; but simple maintenance will help to prevent any major driveway issues and keep your asphalt driveway looking fresh and new.  

Have you noticed that your driveway is developing cracks?  The sun’s powerful UV rays actually make asphalt brittle and prone to cracking under the weight of vehicles.  If you have started to notice cracking in your driveway, there is a simple solution that will extend the life of the asphalt.  The cracks should be filled in with a thick, rubberized tar coating that prevents further cracking and damage. Once all cracks have been repaired, give your driveway a new sealcoat to help maintain the repaired areas and provide a fresh look.  

Another summer tip to keep your driveway at its best is to avoid parking in the same spot.  Yes, we are creatures of habit, but parking in the same spot during periods of high heat just serves to damage your driveway by creating divots from your tires. This leads to the pooling of water during rains or car washing sessions which leads to more damage to the asphalt in the form of large cracks.  Avoid creating deformities by moving your vehicle and other vehicles that may sit on the driveway during the hot, summer months.  

Making sure to clean up any chemicals or spills on the driveway will also extend the life of the asphalt.  Oil leaks, soap, and other chemicals used to maintain your vehicles will cause long-term damage to the asphalt if not properly cleaned up. 

If you are having large loads of landscaping materials such as dirt, mulch, or stone delivered to your home to freshen up the flower beds, make sure you lay a large tarp on top of the area of your driveway where the delivery will be unloaded.  This prevents dirt and mulch from getting into the cracks in your asphalt and encouraging grass or weed growth, and helps protect it from any damage a delivery of landscaping rocks might cause. Once you have used all the material and removed the tarp, be sure to thoroughly sweep and hose off the area to remove any residue.  

The most helpful things you can do for your asphalt driveway are simple: keep it clean, repair new cracks, and hire a professional every year to inspect the driveway and make any necessary repairs to keep your driveway in tip top shape.   

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