Does My Driveway Need Replacing?

Does My Driveway Need Replacing?

You may very well have the most beautiful home on the block, but a crumbling driveway will kill all its curb appeal. Driveways are a key asset to any home, and the better condition they are in, the better for you and your home’s appearance. Driveways can last for decades, but eventually, there will come a time when you need to consider a replacement. You will be asking yourself, “Does my driveway need replacing?” Here are a few indicators that will give you a clue. 


Are you starting to notice cracks developing in your driveway? This is a common issue that develops in most driveways as the years go by. If left unchecked, harmful substances like oil, gas, de-icing salt, and rain can enter these cracks and make them worse. This is particularly true during the winter months when freezing temperatures hit. As water enters the cracks and freezes, it will expand, making the cracks larger and causing your driveway to break apart. How bad the cracks are will determine whether they can be repaired or the driveway needs a replacement. A professional paving contractor can help you make this determination. 


As described above, potholes form as the driveway breaks apart. Going over a hole in your driveway daily is not good for your vehicles in the long run. Additionally, as time passes the hole will only get bigger as it sees more vehicle traffic. If caught early enough, potholes can be repaired. If they are too big, you may want to consider a total driveway replacement. 

Drainage Problems

When a driveway is first installed, your paving contractor likely did a good job establishing slopes and pitches in the driveway to help with water drainage. As your driveway ages and wears with continued vehicle traffic, it may change just enough to impact the flow of water. If you park on your driveway in the same spot each day, you may see the driveway develop dips over time. Water will begin pooling in these spots. As water pools, it tends to weaken your driveway. 

Rough Appearance

Your driveway is exposed to the sun and the elements 24/7, 365 days a year. The sun’s UV rays penetrate the surface of your driveway, oxidizing the surface and causing that new look to fade over time. This is why proper maintenance practices such as sealing are highly recommended. Skipping these preventive maintenance practices will harm your driveway and dramatically reduce its life expectancy. 

If your driveway is starting to look like it has seen better days, you want to reach out to a local paving contractor you can trust—one who will work with you and give you the best recommendation on a path forward. John Parichuk Paving, LLC has been the local source for paving for over 50 years. So give us a call and let’s talk about your paving project!

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