Concrete or Asphalt Paving Parking Lot?

Concrete or Asphalt Paving Parking Lot?

When researching a reputable paving contractor, there are many choices to be made.  One choice you may not have thought about is whether to get asphalt or concrete material for your driveway or parking lot. Each material has its own set of positives and negatives and it is important to look at the big picture and your unique situation to determine which to use.

Concrete can be an excellent choice for your parking lot or driveway.  There are several textures and design options when you use concrete; so if you are looking to have your driveway make a statement, then concrete is the way to go. It is even easier to maintain than asphalt and lasts longer. Living in a hotter climate should steer you more towards concrete because it does not soften in extremely hot temperatures. The biggest downsides to concrete are that it can take more time to install and can be more expensive than asphalt.

If you prefer a lower cost option that can be done rather quickly by a professional contractor, you can go with asphalt. Asphalt driveways can have a long lifespan if you do the proper maintenance. While it may be more work than concrete, it can be a better choice if you are concerned about the environment. Unlike concrete, asphalt can be recycled and help more with water drainage. Asphalt is the better choice when it comes to climates that have extremely cold temperatures because concrete can freeze. Asphalt does not react to the cold, only to extreme heat as it can become oily and soft.

When choosing the material for your driveway or parking lot, it can be difficult to know what will be best for your situation.  Let us help you by scheduling a consultation with one of our educated professional pavers today.

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