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Our Code of Ethics as Paving and Sealcoating Contractors In York and Adams County PA

It has occurred to us that we are probably the only paving company with a code of ethics. And you may very well ask what ethics has to do with paving? Plenty. The paving business offers lots of opportunity to cut corners.

In reality, most contractors don’t have a professional method of installing asphalt. That’s why there are many opportunities to hide mistakes and cover up faulty work. code-of-ethics-paving-sealcoating-contractor

As an example, when it’s all paved over, it is too late to inspect the important support work underneath.

That’s why we decided many years ago that we would be a different kind of paving contractor. One that sets its own standards and conducts its business according to those beliefs.

These principles make John Parichuk Paving LLC unique.

  1. We do whatever it takes to turn a new opportunity into a loyal customer. We don’t want every job. Rather, John Parichuk Paving LLC seeks to establish a lasting relationship with everyone we do work with….a relationship that goes beyond the immediate task.
  2. We honor all of our commitments with excellence. We always say what we are going to do and always do what we say. Always!
  3. We always work to get the job done right the first time. We won’t leave a job until it is completed correctly.
  4. A good job is not just one that meets your expectations or conforms to code. It must go beyond that to meet our own higher standards of both function and beauty.
  5. We decided long ago that what we do for others must meet the standard of work that we would insist upon if we did it for ourselves. Nothing else counts.

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