Benefits of Using a Local Paving Contractor

Benefits of Using a Local Paving Contractor

Has your driveway seen better days? Tired of that worn-out look and want to add some curb appeal back to your home with some fresh asphalt? The first step is choosing the right contractor for the job. There are many to choose from, but your best choice is always to hire local. Here are a few benefits of using a local paving contractor. 

You can see past jobs

Hiring a local paving contractor means you can go see some of the past jobs they have completed. While checking out their website and seeing pictures they have posted is okay, seeing actual jobs in person is ideal. Contact friends, family, and neighbors to see who they might have recently had paving work done by. Ask them how their experience was. The best indicator of any contractor’s performance is word of mouth. 

Keep the money local

There’s nothing better than buying local, especially these days! This can be said as well when it comes to hiring contractors. When you hire a local paving contractor, you are supporting an owner and their employees who live in the local community. In turn, these same people will spend their money with local businesses thus building and expanding the local economy. If you want a way to support your local economy you can’t go wrong with small business. By choosing a local paving contractor, you help your local economy flourish, and that’s a win for everyone! 


The great thing about hiring a local paving contractor is that they have a decided advantage over contractors from outside the area. Local contractors know and understand the permitting requirements of your local municipality. They also know where to get the best materials at the best price, which positively impacts the total cost of your project. More obviously, a local paving contractor knows the weather conditions and seasons in your area, giving them insight on the best times to lay asphalt.

Peace of mind

This is perhaps the most important reason of them all. When you hire a local paving contractor, you can rest assured you are dealing with someone that wants to maintain their reputation. They have spent a long time building up their name in the local community and will go the extra mile to ensure their good name remains intact. If you run into an issue, a local paving contractor is simply a phone call away.

Whether you are looking for repair work, annual maintenance, or a complete asphalt paving job John Parichuk Paving, LLC is your go-to local paving contractor. With over 50 years of experience, it’s always our priority to deliver exceptional paving and sealcoating services in the Hanover, Gettysburg, and York, PA, areas.

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