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Looking For An Asphalt Paving Contractor In Hanover PA?

The construction of a new driveway or a parking lot can turn out to be a sizable financial investment.  Therefore, you need to ensure that you give rolling-out-pavement-hanover-pathe job to the best paving contractor in Hanover, PA.  At John Parichuk Paving, LLC we believe we are that paving contractor.

We are so confident in our quality of work and building a strong relationship with the customer that we do not even ask for a downpayment.  Just prompt payment after the job is complete and you are satisfied.

We strive to create the best driveways or parking lot for your residence or business by employing the best construction methods and materials and employing the best employees.  A well paved surface should last years.

No Shortcuts With John Parichuk Paving

We know that there are no shortcuts to construct a well paved blacktop driveway and therefore will not settle for anything less than the best, be it in terms of materials, technology or even skill set. We know that asphalt paving, if not done correctly, can lead to frequent repair work and mounting expenses.

We put together our Hiring a Paving Contractor Checklist for you to use as you get quotes for your job and interview other paving contractors.

There are several steps involved in paving, be it for constructing new driveway or driveway resurfacing.  As one of the leading paving contractors in Hanover, PA, we follow each of the steps to the core.  We know that if any of the processes are half done and does not meet the industry standards, it will considerably reduce the durability of the paved surface.

We at John Parichuk Paving, take adequate care to complete each of the required processes, which include preparation, excavation base and grading, laying of the asphalt and the final touches.

When it comes to maintenance we take care of that part and ensure that your driveways and parking lots appear to be forever new.   So we also offer sealcoating in Hanover PA.  If you are looking for paving contractors in Hanover, PA, please call us at 717-577-7329 or use our contact form to get a quote.  Our experience team will take all the necessary steps to create the ideal, parking lot, roadway and driveway for your home or office.

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