5 Tips for Maintaining Asphalt Driveways in Winter

5 Tips for Maintaining Asphalt Driveways in Winter

Maintaining your asphalt driveway is a year-round homeowner responsibility. Too often, homeowners neglect their driveway during winter months. Winter brings extreme cold temperatures in York and Adams counties that, along with snow, can damage driveways. If you fail to take certain steps, the damage can result in more costly repair expenses when spring arrives.

Here are our expert tips on maintaining and caring for your asphalt driveway during winter months.

Repair Driveway Cracks

Cracks in a driveway allow for water and moisture to seep in under the surface. When the temperatures drop below freezing, the water freezes and expands causing cracks to grow or potholes to develop. It is crucial that you repair cracks when they first occur.

Edge Your Driveway

Remove four inches of grass and dirt from the edges of your asphalt driveway. This allows for water and snow melt to drain properly.

Use the Right Tools to Remove Snow

Snow plows and shovels are necessary for significant snow removal. Make sure shovels are not too sharp and that plow blades are lifted to not scrape the driveway during snow removal. Failing to do so can cause unwanted nicks which lead to cracks. Hiring a professional snow removal company also helps maintain the life of your driveway.

Pick the Proper De-icing Agent

De-icing agents like salt are harsh on your asphalt driveway and can cause cracks. If possible, use a less abrasive solution like kitty litter or sand to help icy spots on your driveway.

Check Your Gutters

If gutters drain directly on your driveway, the constant moisture can cause damage to the asphalt. Check your gutters during fall months and contact a professional gutter company to install new or fix any problem areas.

Your driveway is more than somewhere to park; it’s an investment in your home. Take care of it year-round and use these tips for proper maintenance this winter. If you have questions, contact a professional asphalt paving company to help you.

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