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Looking For A Sealcoating Contractor Hanover PA?

Proper maintenance is a necessity when it comes to ensuring a longer life for your asphalt pavement or driveways.  At John Parichuk Paving sealcoating-hanover-pa-2LLC,
we have over 50 years of experience in sealcoating and other types of asphalt repairs.

For driveway and parking lot sealcoating, we use high quality materials and state of the art paving equipment.  Our team of experts comprises educated professionals who are adept at implementing the newest application techniques.  This way we way we always strive to complete all our jobs on time.

So if you have been looking for seal coating contractor in Hanover PA, we believe we are the contractor you should choose

We believe so strongly in our work do not require a downpayment.  We only expect prompt payment when the job is completed.

When you undertake regular maintenance work for your asphalt pavement and driveways, you automatically lower the chances of an expensive resurfacing or replacement project.

An asphalt pavement is primarily made up of gravel and stone which are put together with a binder or what is known as asphalt cement. With continuous exposure to rain, chemicals, and ultraviolet rays, the binder weakens and that is when cracks begin to appear on the surface. Eventually the surface becomes extremely brittle.

In order to curb the damaging effects of the elements, it is necessary to go for a sealcoating procedure and John Parichuk Paving is your answer to that.

What Does Sealcoating Do?

And What is Sealcoating? Sealcoating applies a protective layer to shield the surface against oils, water, moisture and UV rays.  Seal coating offers a slip resistant top with a shiny black finish that not only smooths out your parking or driveway but also makes it look good.  Sealcoats are basically bituminous based products or acrylics.  This liquid formulation when combined with polymer additives, water, silica and other solids and fillers provides the necessary cover for an asphalt surface.

So if you are looking for a sealcoating specialists in Hanover, PA, then it’s time that you contact us or give a call at 717-577-7329 for a quote today.

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