Paving Checklist To Select The Right Paving and Seal Coating Contractor

Paving and Seal Coating Contractor Checklist

If you are in the market for a new or improved driveway and are looking for a contractor, there are some important things to consider.  Use this checklist when looking for your paving or seal coating contractor.

  • The contractor is licensed and insured
  • Obtain references from past clients and/or photos of completed jobs
  • Ask friends and neighbors for a referral
  • Confirm who will be doing the work, the contractor or subcontractors
  • Ask for a detailed work order showing what materials they use
  • Confirm the contractor is using a minimum of 2 inches of asphalt and applying primer first
  • Ask about warranties, both for the materials and labor
  • Ask if they are rated by the Better Business Bureau
  • Confirm who will obtain permits
  • Confirm who will contact utilities before digging
  • Confirm all costs before the job begins

After reviewing all of these items, if you are ready to get started contact us so we can give you a free estimate.

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