repave your driveway

Repave Your Driveway for Better Curb Appeal

Repave Your Driveway for Better Curb Appeal If you have ever watched any of the shows on HGTV, you have likely heard the words “curb appeal.” What does that even mean? Why would a curb be appealing? When people drive or walk by your home, how attractive is your home?  One thing you can do to help increase your curb…

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extend life asphalt driveway

How to Extend the Life of Your Asphalt Driveway

How to Extend the Life of Your Asphalt Driveway Regardless of what material your driveway is made of, regular maintenance is critical to prevent potholes, cracks, and crumbles. A driveway is a big investment and endures a lot of wear and tear over time from intense sun, vehicle weight, salt damage, and water that seeps into the cracks and freeze…

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hire the right paving contractor

Tips for Hiring the Right Paving Contractor

Tips for Hiring the Right Paving Contractor As with many big major projects in and around your home, repaving an asphalt driveway is usually put off until it is absolutely necessary. Whether you need to repave because of possible water damage or for aesthetic reasons, choosing the right contractor is critical to a successful outcome.   Here are some helpful tips…

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Life Cycle Of Pavement

Understanding the Asphalt Life Cycle Like any product, asphalt has a specific and predictable “Life Cycle.” The asphalt lifecycle is often a new concept for many home and business owners. It is hard to understand why a significant investment breaks down and deteriorates over time. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from your asphalt. The normal life expectancy of asphalt…

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How Spring Rain Showers Affect Your Asphalt Driveway

How Spring Rain Showers Affect Your Asphalt Driveway Rainy days and Mondays may get you down, but you’ll be more than a little “blue” when you see the damaging effects of spring rain on your asphalt driveway if you aren’t prepared.  If you haven’t completed regular general maintenance, small cracks, depressions, and potholes could cause some serious spring damage.  Here…

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driveway sealcoating

Driveway Repaving vs. Driveway Sealcoating

Driveway Repaving vs. Driveway Sealcoating As a homeowner, you value your property. Many homeowners find themselves struggling to maintain their home’s appearance. One of the difficult tasks in a home’s upkeep is the asphalt driveway. When was the last time you resurfaced, patched, or repaved your driveway? It’s not always easy to know when you should sealcoat or completely resurface…

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Driveway maintenance tips

Driveway Maintenance Tips for Spring

Spring Maintenance for Your Driveway During the winter, driveways and asphalt can become damaged due to water freezing in cracks and expanding the asphalt, or from shovels and plows scraping along the surface. This makes spring a good time to check your driveway for damage and make any repairs. Take these steps to help improve the life of your driveway:…

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seal-coated-pavement-vs-not sealcoated pavement

Why Sealcoating is Important to your Asphalt

3 Reasons Why Sealcoating is Important When you invest in your driveway, it pays to take necessary steps to maintain it over time. Many think asphalt pavement deteriorates because of constant traffic, which is not true. Pavement breakdown occurs because of outside elements like weather (sun and rain), moisture, and harsh chemicals and pollutants including gasoline, oils, and de-icers. The…

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Sealcoating Frequently Asked Questions

Sealcoating Frequently Asked Questions We receive a number of questions weekly about asphalt, paving and sealcoating. Take a look at the sealcoating frequently asked questions we hear most often. What is Sealcoating? Sealcoating protects your asphalt driveway from deterioration. Asphalt driveways break down overtime from natural elements like sunshine and rain as well as harsh chemicals from leaking cars and…

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What Is Sealcoating?

What Is Sealcoating? At John Parichuk Paving, we often hear “What is sealcoating?” To understand what sealcoating is and why it is important, you first have to understand asphalt pavement. Asphalt pavement is commonly used to make driveways and parking lots. It consists of rock, stone, and gravel mixed together with a binder known as asphalt cement. Asphalt cement is…

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